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Won't start after it died, it shut down one day tried starting but stalled right away towed it home next day I got it running had to feather gas to keep it running,after that it hasn't started at all did fuel pressure...
gear shifter on steering column..when moving from park, gear shifter does not catch from one gear to another it feels disconnected, will not engage transmission
It just happens when I turn and then it kicks back in when I go straight.
have looked in repair manual but cant find anything for alarm location
Not supported for : Heated Cat, Air system, air conditioner nor ready- heated 02
when I take the key out of ignition I get a rapid alarm until I shut the door.
How do I remove the engine air filter? I unfastened the two top clamps on the air filter box, but there is not enough room to remove the old filter. Are there more clamps or screws somewhere that need to be loosened? ...
With the car running at idle will not get any air coming out of vents no matter where I put the control knob, in the front or back vents. Only when driving sometimes the controls will operate, and can get heating or A...
bought in feb. this year..ran perfect. in may, started stalling while i was out. but would start back up several times. then wouldnt start. had it towed. when tow truck guy tried to start it was clanking. noticed ...
Car overheatings: have replaced thermostat, water pump, radiator and cap flush system had used magic sealant for intake manifold problem repair manifold gasket problem
Sometimes when I accelerate from a complete stop, my mini-van will "shimmy" or shake a few feet into the acceleration. IT only last about a half second. Any ideas? Is it the transmission?
shift lever is loose and gear box selector is drive unable to move it to park
Hi I was wiondering how long approximately would (should) ittake to replace a timing chain on an 1999 silhouette. I have been given 3 different estimates and I wanted to know which is the best one that represents the ...