Where do I find out which one it is I have look on the body code and it doesn't say either

I was driving it, one of the belts came off, I've tried numerous times to put the belt back on but it is WAY to long. I have no idea how it was running, I can tell you there were problems with the way it ran, But the one belt that is still on it is going around the supercharge part which is NOT in line with the other pulleys, but it was running like that. Please help I'm a girl trying to work on a car because I CANT AFFORD WHAT THE SHOPS CHARGE TO FIX IT. PLEASE HELP!!!!

It always showed farenheit somehow it changed to celcius I dont think i hit anything and if i did i dont know what

Can't start car replaced starter 1year ago and same problem now so I took hammer to starter and it started drove home and will not start. Bench test ok but no start when reinstalled . Banged with hammer and it started again. Replaced starter enable relay and still not start. With key on engine will start when hot wired but security shut off engine after 5 seconds? David

Fog lights

I already tried the manuals, doesn't say. I looked behind the glove box and under the hood by the firewall in the relay panel.

Car starts up but stalls frequently. New battery was installed. Could the problem be electrical?

Once I put the car in drive it stays normal for 27 seconds then it flashes 60 for about 1 minute and 7 seconds. The AC never comes on.

Defrost and floor work. Where are the vacuum lines comming off of the engine located?

I ran out of gas, after my gas gauge was slightly higher about you but it was the day before. I knew I was low but it looked like I had enough to go around the block to the next gas station. So I ran out of gas, and when I put a gallon and it didn't start, it was turning but it didn't actually fire, so I put a couple more gallons in and it still isn't starting. For some reason prior to this, I have had some trouble with starting it in the cold and it not wanting to stay above a certain Idol to stay on. So sometimes I would have to sit there and make sure that it would stay on long enough to keep an idol and then I could put my foot off the gas after sometime.also without my car having the keys or lights on every time I open my door the buildings like I've left my keys in. That started about two weeks ago. Not sure if it is related. I have put heat in the tank and carburetor cleaner/fuel injector cleaner it now has about 3 gallons wants to start definitely Rives but doesn't actually fully fire and turnover. Any suggestions?

I replaced battery the cables and the starter to no avail when I turn the key the engine starts to turn then it just clicks put new ignition module in still no go

Car was fine 'til few days ago. Was on way home from work, then car stalled. Press on gas and no response. Checked transmission fluid. Fluid level good. Had car towed home. Tried to drive today, shifts through gears but doesn't drive or reverse.

What does P1870 engine code mean please