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i ran out of gas in my 2002 Oldsmobile intrigue put plenty of gas in it now it won't start... It turns over and sounds LIKE it wants to start but doesn't what could this be????
I ran out of gas put plenty of gas in it but now it won't start why?
Had a broken wire in ecm was fixed n ran great for few days then sdill ran good but had service engine light n track light on all the time n security,abs n airbag would come on n off.. Now will not start at all… light...
complete brake job- probably rotors, pads calipers. wiper arms partial exhaust repair from flex pipe back
Turn signals work when they feel like it. Maybe 2/3 of the time or less. No pattern to when they decide to not work.
cleared code, drove vehicle about 75 miles, still failed said not ready, then driving one day and pump came on, then pump went off and check engi ne light came back on, what else can i fix, the fuse is good, the relay...
I want to change my 2002 oldsmobile intrigue v6 3,5l engine control module ECM. Someboby can help me about which code number will directly fit in my car without needed to take it to the dealer for a flash, reprogrammi...
location of of air pump
check engine light stays on