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My car is totaled but the engine runs great still. So I want to take the engine out and put in another car, but I need to know what body style would fit my engine.
When the key is turned to the on position, the starter engages. The engine will start but the starter will keep cranking even though the key has not been turned to the start position. I have swapped the crank relay ...
after a check engine was reset the secondary air an evac sensors are not working how do I get then to reset
I need a to replace the manifold gaskets and reassemble the moter for my 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue with the 3.5 moter. I need the assembly procedure.
I've had the crankshaft position sensor changed and it worked fine for a little while. Now everything slows down then will then I will suddenly get a surge of power. Sometimes it will happen a few times in a row. So...
Its very hard to turn the steering wheel like there's pressure build up but there is no leaking from the car, the power steering fluid is full to the rim, no noises, and the power steering pump looks some what new.
just purchased are installed new battery and now I need a lockout code for the radio and security system but did not come with a vehicle.how can I bypass or get the vehicle code or security code. Or is a way to reset?
On page 6-60 the owners manual states "An electrical overload will cause a (head)lamp to go off and remain off. If this happens, have your headlamp system checked out right away". Is there a fuse for this or what is ...
no low beams high beams ok no high beam indicator light I have checked both headlamp fusses they are good
I think it belongs to anti lock brake. The wires actually broke and I am trying to find out what they hook to
Is there an additive I can use to reduce the amount of oil being burned?