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I need to replace the mufflers on my 2002 Olds Aurora. It has a welded system. Do I also need to replace the exhaust pipe and resonator or can I just cut the old mufflers off and install new mufflers?
I know the sending unit is broke cause the fuel gague is acting up but I'm wondering if it isn't electrical problems.battery is fine will the car not even crank even if the sending unit is bad bec I think the car woul...
The car turns over but will not start. If I heat the car up in the garage it will start. Check engine light is on and Im getting a low coolant message but the coolant is not low. Also checked the code and it returns a...
It would go into 2 gear and move but now only reverse it will not go into drive when in drive it dont even rev up the miles gage dont even move
abs module after install car stability system light comes on and car stalls on very sharp turns now we added 2 new hubs& bearings & steering sensor & the problem still exists---car is dangerious to drive
AC is cold when compressor is on,but kicks off within 20 to 30 seconds.then blows what feels like vent air of course.So compressor is functioning and is charging.What causes compressor to kick on? also,all fuses have ...
I know that the compressor needs to be replaced but want to try and do this myself, out of work and estimate is over $1,500. Looking for a how to remove, replace the compressor on 2002 Aurora 3.5.
When I turn the key it seems to be out of park ad it starts to smoke
no problems just had valve cover gaskets replace thats all
first noticed slight chug at 40-50 later check engine light came and went several times till it started to lose power rpms reved and the car would not go. If you turn the car off and wait for about 5 mins it will go ...
What is a good source for a replacement trans?