Removed back seat and Checked the battery Pos Terminal was loose! Thank You Pushrod for your good tech!

Drove it to the store, was dead as Cesar when we came out.
Jumper car connected, Interior/ext. lights Key in start position, solenoid clicks until I turn the key back off.
Disconnect Jcar, All electric fail.

It runs when I spray either in the air cleaner but dies out! I have replaced the battery, the fuel filter, and cleaned out the gas tank! Why won't it start or run?

I just bought this car and need to figure out what's causing it not to run! It will start but then shuts down after started for about a minute! Should I replace all four coils or could it just be one? Or could it be something else?

I purchased this car recently. I purchased a new replacement for the window controls on the drivers side. Doesn't make a difference

I replaced the spark plugs, wires, got an oil change & tune up.It still won't pass emission and strutting it won't pull speed period

Should I flush it or just change fluid?

headlights coming on and staying on. steering wheel wiggles. security system acting crazy. and gets hot previous owner spent over 2000.00 with mechanic with no solution being found. a/c only puts out cold air occasionally. i am starting to think car is possessed. i love the car, lots of v8 power but cant drive her during hot weather in town or she gets hot .

I took out the fuse that controls my stereo and now I can't remember which one I need to replace what spot it goes in

trunk has lots of fuel in it and car uses too much fuel other wise runs good

Ive replaced the starter and the battery is fine but my 98 wont even try to start or turn over

The only operating window is the driver as well as door locks. I installed a new switch and they still don't open. what else coulf be the problem?

replaced lock cylinder with a new one and still does it, like spring in ignition switch is too strong ?

Air always works but thru defrost only. Stops/starts without warning. Date on computer unavailable, three dashes where temp shows. This is so erratic and frustrating

right shock is out so can u tell me is one of them the problem

Clicking noise in a relay or something . Unplug it and everything guits clicking.

I need help in finding out what is the problem and to fix it.

Idling rough / Stall when you're coming to a red light Low rpm

I get a po101 but the mass sensor is reading good

Checked terminals and ground points no problem. The low volt reading is at each start up..all other systems are O.K. chk eng light showing #741 now this after the light problems

Rough ride started 3 weeks ago. Fuses checked OK. Leveling system appears to be pressurized. Will not level rear end. New shocks last summer, OK until now.

One side of the venting battery hose came off and caught on fire while I was driving. All of the lights inside starting flashing now numerous items no longer work. I know I should check for burnt wires, blown fuses, and faulty relays but do not know where to go from there. Power windows, doors, mirrors and seats do not appear to be affected.

What else could cause this?

what can cause leaks in power steering