I have a master keypad & a remote-start keypad. When I use the remote-start, my car will automatically go to the Air Conditioning when it starts. It's winter. I was wondering if I can set the remote-start keypad to the heater when I turn my car on. How do I do that?

I took out the fuse that controls my stereo and now I can't remember which one I need to replace what spot it goes in

I need help in finding out what is the problem and to fix it.

Why does my engine stall randomly when driving? I'm able to turn It back on DTC states a poor connection thru crank sensors but they're brand new

My fan motor started making noise so I need to pull it apart

Check the fuses they were good Listen to the pump When I turn the key to the on position Did not hear the pump turn on Do not think getting any fuel pressure If it's not the fuel pump or the filter What else could it be

Can I program remotes myself.