Air always works but thru defrost only. Stops/starts without warning. Date on computer unavailable, three dashes where temp shows. This is so erratic and frustrating

Idling rough / Stall when you're coming to a red light Low rpm

I get a po101 but the mass sensor is reading good

Checked terminals and ground points no problem. The low volt reading is at each start up..all other systems are O.K. chk eng light showing #741 now this after the light problems

from the mufflers

Racket pinon boot full of steering fluid.what 2 do 2 fix

Fluild in them

Been happening off and on. Security code flashes. Clicking noise in dash board.

What would cause this to happen? I've been having this problem off and on with this vehicle. Also sometimes it won't start when I turn the key. Please help! Don't want to pay a pretty penny! What's causing this?! Security light also flashes.

Apparently, even if you buy the entire assembly, you do not get the pulse board.