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Racket pinon boot full of steering fluid.what 2 do 2 fix
Been happening off and on. Security code flashes. Clicking noise in dash board.
What would cause this to happen? I've been having this problem off and on with this vehicle. Also sometimes it won't start when I turn the key. Please help! Don't want to pay a pretty penny! What's causing this?! Sec...
Apparently, even if you buy the entire assembly, you do not get the pulse board.
Secrity light is flashing on my 1999 aurora and it wont start and if it does it only runs for 3 sec then dies . It acts like its not getting no gas . Already replaced the fuel pump . Help me
wheres my fuel pump?
the trans fluid was changed along with the filted, still nothing it's like there is no transmission
happened out on road once. did happen 2 other times right after starting the car.
as you decelerate under 70 mph it works fine