1998 Oldsmobile Aurora Questions

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It runs when I spray either in the air cleaner but dies out! I have replaced the battery, the fuel filter, and cleaned out the gas tank! Why won't it start or run?

I just bought this car and need to figure out what's causing it not to run! It will start but then shuts down after started for about a minute! Should I replace all four coils or could it just be one? Or could it be something else?

I replaced the spark plugs, wires, got an oil change & tune up.It still won't pass emission and strutting it won't pull speed period

headlights coming on and staying on. steering wheel wiggles. security system acting crazy. and gets hot previous owner spent over 2000.00 with mechanic with no solution being found. a/c only puts out cold air occasionally. i am starting to think car is possessed. i love the car, lots of v8 power but cant drive her during hot weather in town or she gets hot .

Ive replaced the starter and the battery is fine but my 98 wont even try to start or turn over

replaced lock cylinder with a new one and still does it, like spring in ignition switch is too strong ?

Cant go 15 miles and its to hot went and got a computer diagnostics
check done on it and these are the results
Bought thermostat gonna try to do it just need some guidance

the tensioner pulley stopped tensioning the serpentine belt now I have no power steering the water pump isn't pumping and of course everything else attached to the serpentine belt im wondering what the cost would be to repair it

Leaking engine coolant from radiator, temperature starting to rise. Don't want to pay all the money for a new head gasket.

code read misfire in 7 code p0307

you can push pedal to floor and nothing. it seems to occur after driving several miles. other than that runs very well.You can stop,sometimes shut car down and then proceed and it doesnt do it again. would having two slightly different tires on front and rear be playing any part in this by affecting the traction control set up. Driving my daughter crazy!

The instrument lights come on, I lose power, it sputters, then dies.