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I've had my 97 Aurora for a year now, I worked my butt off for my Aurora, I've had nothing but trouble w/ the coolant & it overheating. I've replace the parts for the coolant leaks, & I just spent $200.00 to have the ...
Why do I have this noise? Makes it more when I am on rough road.
When it was running, it was at 3000 RPM's when driving 60km/hr. Seems to idle too high.
runs better but lack of power hard ecceleration car sperts up in rpm but then makes car jerk from smooth to eratic power engine service on for long time car has 90000 miles problem usually after long drive
clears out somewhat but has lake of [power when back to idle runs rough almost dies wife somtimes puts 87 octane gas in instead of premium checked plugs fine wires fine this just started ater long drive problem when r...
after 3 minutes of waiting to start the car the security light goes off and the car starts also when driving down the road that security light comes on
dont no what to check next had like 7 codes reset now wont start
Took my car to get the oil changed and the service tech said my water pump was leaking but he was on the driver side. Not the water pump side. So I decided to look under the car myself the next day and I noticed that ...
i tried to recharge my a/c two months ago and it leaked now my car engine dont start right away, when it does it smells like gas and it takes a lot of gas every time too. also my oil leaks all the time. thats not all ...
how to instructions for 1997 aurora
how do you overide the security system because after many attempts of trying to start the car it gets very frustrating because you have to wiat three minutes in between attempts at trying to start it?
no power to pump relay and fuse good
when coming to a stop or applying the brakes at anytime the cars front end shakes badly ,replaced upper and lower ball joints it got worse,car was in an accident before buying it does anyone know what might cause this?
I turned a corner and the car STOPPED. Totally out of fuel! We've run the diagnostic checklist, replaced the burned fuel pump, replaced defective ignition control module. What else do we try?