stalls erradictly

Causing it?

Are Pontiac Grand Am or any car parts compatible with the 1994 olds 98 im bout to purchase? A friend said i could just curious. I need to know if somebody has been taking my parts off the car im gonna purchase for inplace of there none working parts? Which cars make modle thank u very much? Seems like parts have been changed out.

cost to replace a oxygen sensor

my 98 will not idle idles at 2500rpm.then it will shut off then the power windows and door locks dont work and the fuel pump dont work eather.i have had it the shop and thay chaged all the sensors and the ECM.please help ps/no engine codes

Last week I started having issues with the car stalling during idle or coasting. The engine light is on. I suspect the issue is with the IAC valve or the MAF sensor. I've been trying to get the engine codes, but everyone I've tried can't link to it to get a scan. It's funky because it has an OBD-1 computer with an OBD-2 16 pin connector. If it was the regular 12 pin, I'm sure I'd easily be able to rig it to get the flash codes. All signs seem to point that the circuitry in the connector is set up for OBD-2. From my research, my car was manufactured during the OBD transition period in the early/mid 90's. Is there any special trick to get the codes?

what would make it do that? And how can I fix it? it idles high pretty much all the time.

when accelerating and holding pedal the surging occurrs. ive replaced throttle position sensor and did nothing.

My check engine light keeps coming on. I have done a tune up and oil has been changed I took it to Auto Zone because they will check you computer for free. I was told that my car was to old. I need to know what I should be looking for because this worries me.

What would cause the a/c to continusously cycle on and off such that I can't load enough gas in itto cool.