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I can drive it and it's does fine then shut it off and it won't start for a while it has also stalled out on me driving only happens once in a while
I was changing battery clamps someone forgot how they went hooked them up wrong now everything is hooked up right but it wont start.
The shift lever dose not make sounds. The car can trun off but not on since park is not engage currently car is in drive and off be pushed forward or back but steeringIis locked car is actually 89 front wheel drive wi...
A lady gave me the car it has 60,000miles ,It was Parked in her garage for two years ... I already change the fuel filter ,when ever the car is cooler it will start ..can drive it for a hour and then it stalls out.
I am having trouble with my car,I changed the crankcase sensor,the cam magnet,the camshaft sensor, but what i want to know is does the cam position sensor have a magnet?
Are Pontiac Grand Am or any car parts compatible with the 1994 olds 98 im bout to purchase? A friend said i could just curious. I need to know if somebody has been taking my parts off the car im gonna purchase for inp...
cost to replace a oxygen sensor
attatching the gear from ignition switch to the ignition switch.... the linkage
It will die sometimes sometimes I can ut it in nuetral and it will start back up. A couple of times I had to wait I know I need plugs and wires. Lately with this heat it seems to be acting worse. Does heat make fuel...
replaced coil assy. still missing ? crank sensor ? ecu ? Any suggestions ?
It will restart but I must keep my foot on accellerator to keep it running.
The air pump for the rear air shocks on my 90 Olds 98 will randomly turn on whether or not the car is on. I can't hear any vacuum leaks in the line, so what could it be?
Within the first 5 minutes of starting my car, the TEMP light will come on for about 15- 30 seconds then shut off. Is there any concern for this? Car doesn't act funny during the time or any other time while driving.
After the car has reached operating temperature, the care will hesitate and sometimes stall when accelerate hard, stomp on the pedal. It doesn't do it if accelerate slowly, less then halfish throttle. It also will try...
what keeps my park lights from turning on?
my 98 will not idle right.it idles at 2500rpm.then it will shut off then the power windows and door locks dont work and the fuel pump dont work eather.i have had it the shop and thay chaged all the sensors and the EC...
About a month ago my car started making a loud hissing noise near the rear tires. I had the tires checked but there was no leak. It made the noise every time I would park it after driving it even a very short distance...