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It will die sometimes sometimes I can ut it in nuetral and it will start back up. A couple of times I had to wait I know I need plugs and wires. Lately with this heat it seems to be acting worse. Does heat make fuel...
Turn key, no start up, Message board says, " clean key, Try again in 3 min."
my car bounces a lot and there's no bumps in the road.I've checked it's NOT the shocks.I was told it's the frame mount,can or should I still drive the car?
i bought a 92 oldsmobile 98 and it needs brake lines run on it
i check the fuses none were broken. I dont have anything to test the fuses with. the circuit and relay i dont know anything about. BUT the power locks dont work and sometimes theres a clicking sound when you press the...
My car is leaking coolant. Some of it stays in but some of it leaks out onto the ground as I am pouring it in. Is it the intake manifolds or head gaskets that need to be replaced?
My car has a new alternator, starter, battery and it keeps cutting off while i am driving. What could be the problem?
My line leaks, at the small in line radiator. Can I replace with just hose, since this is low pressure? Do I need to replace the small in line radiator?
My 1992 Oldsmobile Regency Ninety-Eight has the optional factory CD player which mounts in the lower part of the dash, just to the left-center of the console. Can a new Kenwood KDC-HD548U radio fit into the car's orig...
this problem occurs all the time after i repaired timing gear
lost my chip key what must i do
the car will start and quit and on the dash board the ecm prob will apear
where is the trans pump located on the 1992 olds 98 regancy, I have a bad leak and it looks like it is comming from the housing where the converter and flywheel are,, is the pump located in the same housing, and how h...
manifolds are getting red hot after 2-3 minutes when it stays alive that long