1998 Oldsmobile 88 Questions

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All this happened overnight, the transmission is slipping and the engine sounds like a Volkswagen..

What could be the possible reasons the air compressor does not run?

Even used starter fluid

Just started doing this parked then nothing turns over but no start

We about to add antifreeze.

I was driving on the freeway it died and won't start. I checked fuses tried the anti theft reset by locking driver door waiting to minutes and unlocking it. It wants to crank over but wont

With the key it won't turn over, security lights on.

replaced noisy/stalling blower motor when fan switch stopped working checked all fuses /blower relay /resister pack wiring to fan/blower switch and switch, all good nothing shorted or blown and still blower fan not working. noticed lights on 'HVAC heater and a/c control panel', for the a/c and rear defrost buttons, not working when control panel was turned on, and that it had one wire partly melted. replaced control panel, but still fan not work and lights on control panel went dead after a few seconds. rechecked fuses etc. what else is there to check?

blower/ fan control switch stopped working. all listed fuses good but none say blower fan. showing .6 volts at plug to fan at all speed settings. fan works when tested, pulls 8 amps. before R&R of switch, what to check for?

What is leaking has to be some where. I dont feel like my car is getting the gas mileage that should be getting either.

Do you know what that means? Car turns over getting fuel and spark but wont start.

Driving my car and it just stalled and would not restart. Thought it was the fuel pump so I replaced it. Still will not start just keeps turning over. Checked valves everything in working. I have not checked spark plugs yet though. Any suggestions to what the problem may be? Stumped!