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Engine has a really rough idle.I've already replaced the fuel pressure regulator, cleaned the throttle body, and replaced plugs and wires.
Was there when I went to clean the throttle body drove the car a while and still no signs of additional coolant in air duct by the throttle body? Could stalling cause this?
Alternator was just replaced. Battery is fine. While moving engine runs and shifts smooth. Sputters and dies while idling. Giving it a little gas causes the engine to sputter more and die. Could this be the Mass Airfl...
Gas leaks from underneath while putting gas in the car
I have a 1998 88 olds my wife drove to work went to leave car would turn over click are anything took starter had check its good took alt. got it check it was good took battery had it check it was good and that's were...
First noticed the heat was blowing cold air, then started overheating, and the bottom radiator hose was off? I put the hose back on and put some antifreeze in it but is still overheating and heater is blowing cold ai...
It started up yesterday and drove just fine.When I got back in it to return home, it would not start. I bought relay parts, but it will start, then cut off.All the fuses in the relay box works.