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My 1996 Olds 88 suddenly died after running in high idle for at least 25 minutes--in 16 below zero weather. I have already checked the antifreeze but no problems there. The car has low real mileage but is obviously al...
I can usually wait a few min then it will start & run fine - NO CODES. Just had the Crank sensor & ignition modules replaced.
It just started a few days ago my heater hasn't worked for a year or two and know all of a sudden this it's only on the drivers side.
Blinking then then the motor shuts off usually takes 1/2 hr to hr for it to start no codes.
All seat belts are on and locked and it still dings non stop.
I took it to a shop locally and they replaced the radiator and 4 celinoids(?) in the transmission. About a month later the heater fan blower began to run after the car was turned off and I removed the heater fuse in...
Car stalls out sometimes while driving . It has been sitting up about four years. I have put some Sea foam Gas treatment to treat the old gas . I have been driving it a couple of weeks and it still doing samething.
located one of the sensors but having trouble finding the other one. Diagnostic system said it was part po131
check engine code reads bad o2 sensor and fuel vapor canister
with used starter still did not work, finally found spare key, security light went off but still won't start, fuel pump and guages come on and when on the start position nothing, checked main fuse box and fuses under ...
have no power going to the car lights horn nothing is working car want start
my car has no electrical power going to the car. the lights want come on and the car want start.
the lights want come on inside or outside the car. no electrical power going to the car.