Front turn single will light up but stays solid and rear blinker an brake light do not work but the running lights come on

After the car is driven about 4 miles...the abs light and low oil light are more intermittent than the battery discharge light is..there is no dimming of headlights or anything when the battery light comes on..bad cluster?? Faulty ecm??? I've had the alt and battery checked. .all at perfect numbers

Car has not started again. It will crank but sounds like it is not getting any fire. Fuel pump is good fuel gets to the engine. Battery, alternator, and starter is good. What could be the problem.

today I was driving to work and passed someone while pressing heavily on the gas. I looked in mirror as I passed the person and saw white smoke rolling out of exhaust. About 45 seconds of smoke and it went away. Shortly after I was at my stop and went to pull in and noticed my battery light on and the steering got very tight. I parked and got on bus. What the heck happened?

Tried jumping it,put in new battery,checked battery cables and still just clicks when trying to start.

How do I get the information about what key (risistor) originally went with my car?

My 1996 Olds 88 suddenly died after running in high idle for at least 25 minutes--in 16 below zero weather. I have already checked the antifreeze but no problems there. The car has low real mileage but is obviously almost 20 years old. So far this had happened only once. How can this be fixed?

I can usually wait a few min then it will start & run fine - NO CODES. Just had the Crank sensor & ignition modules replaced.

It just started a few days ago my heater hasn't worked for a year or two and know all of a sudden this it's only on the drivers side.

Blinking then then the motor shuts off usually takes 1/2 hr to hr for it to start no codes.

All seat belts are on and locked and it still dings non stop.

I took it to a shop locally and they replaced the radiator and 4 celinoids(?) in the transmission. About a month later the heater fan blower began to run after the car was turned off and I removed the heater fuse in order to prevent the battery from going dead, and the heater blower fan relay hasn't been replaced, so the fuse is still out. In December the car began stuttering, dying at stops and having trouble excelerating and staying the same speed up inclines on the highway. Then I began to smell gas and slight burning odors. In the past month the catilitic converter has been bypassed and the fuel filter, egr valve, spark plugs and wires, oxygen sensor (rear), and return fuel line have been replaced. It is still stuttering (as badly as before),struggling to acelerate, there's still a slight gas odor and it is now ocassionally making a squealing noise. Can you please help me figure out what to do with this car?