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How do you program the power locks on a 95 Olds 88 so they don't automatically lock when you put the car in gear?
I have 1995 oldsmobile and when im driving it starts spitting like im running out of gas every few miles and just cuts off. It cranks back up but takes about five long seconds. I jave had a fuel filter put in and an i...
How do find correct resistor for vats with no keys?
first time for this problem.replaced fuelpump fuel filter and secondary filter.coil pack camshaft sensor andcrankshaft sensor and cabin computer
had some stalls over last few months at stops etc which did not make sense because car runs well otherwise. Shut off at supermarket and would not restart 20 min later. Security like flashing. Never stops. Can't mo...
I tried to crank my car and it wouldnt start so this guy wired a push button and now when I crank it it makes a scrapping noise. Do I need to get a new flywheel?
Batt can drain overnight. Shows 5.5 ma drain? Where?
ignition chime mode
my security light is always on and last week my car stoped on me at work and now it will not start at all.
Everytime I press the gas my car hesitates and starts shaking badely. Last time I filled it up it stopped then started it again.