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Honda CR-V Growl Type Noise From Front of Engine

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On certain models the water pump bearing can go bad and cause a growl type noise from the front of the engine.


growling noise from front of car. Has been located to the water pump. -
Rattling sound coming from front passenger side when car idles or low speed. -
water punmp barings -
When I accelerate from stop, I hear a growling sound. Kind of like bubbles and then it stops. Only seems to happen from stop. No solution yet as I don't know what is wrong. -
vibration noise, loud when idling or traveling at low speeds. Had to replace water pump due to problem with bearings, $600. -
leakcoolant making a nose -
noisy water pump Dealer replaced water pump and coolant -
intermitant noise from front of engine -
Complained of rough/uneven sounding idle. Tech insisted idle was fine, then told me the heat shield was loose and making the noise. Quick fix with a clamp. He did this and still heard noise. Told me he used a stethoscope and discovered I needed a new water pump for $500. -
Growl at low speed. Replaced water pump. Glad I payed attention to noise. Starting a 900 mile trip tomorrow. -
Rattling noise from passenger front of vehicle. Water pump bearing was vibrating due to bad water pump. Cost me $442 to replace. Sad.. . -
The dealer replaced my idler pully. Still has noise somewhere in the front. Wanted to replace my alternator at $700+. Called back and now thinks it's the water pump! Car has only 38,700 miles! -
Growling noise --- turned out to be water pump bearing - my car was purchased new by me in 2004 and I only put 46,000 miles on it! I was told this part shouldn't have failed until 80,000 miles. -
First it was in 2008, belt broke and was towed to dealer and was a faulty water pump, but car was already three years old so could not get benefit of a free repair. then car was 32,000 miles. today at 49,000 miles having the exact same problems and it is very disturbing. please advise -
Had to replace water pump--$650 -
Thought it was an exhaust heat shield rattle but dealer tells me its the water pump bearing. $570 to fix. :( Car five years old, 73k miles. -
engine noise - car is out of warranty - $450.00 to repair. -
Same problem -
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