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2005 Chrysler 300 Question: no bus indicator

Ok so I took the car to the dealer and he said it was an instrument cluster. What exactly is this? Does this cause the signal lights, radio, wipers and every other electric thing to malfunction including the alarm? -
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"No Bus" means the data cable going to the (PCM) computer is unplugged, or the PCM has failed and not able to read the information it is being given. Sometimes just jiggling the PCM causes the ODO "NO BUS" to come on. Sometimes a bad crank or cam sensor can cause this as well. The "NO BUS" points to PCM communication failure. Disconnect the battery negative then unplug and plug back in the PCM connectors. Reconnect battery and run engine. Try pulling DTCs with a code scanner. If the PCM won't communicate, it's probably fried. -
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New at all this -
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no bus code poped up when i tried to start my car -
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no bus means fuse- -
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