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I had serpentine belt replaced but noise did not stop. It only stops when i press the gas pedal down. Once i let off the gas the noise starts again while driving and while sitting idle.

This problem has been happening on and off for about a year.

also new fluid lots of movement in rez. bleed air on pump an rack

Car shut down while driving, error code p0430 which is cam POS. Sensor, and another code which was oil pressure switch. Engine light was on prior to this but would go off every so often. It's like no fire or not getting fuel. Fuel pump works. I am about to lose everything if this car doesn't go! I provide for my 3 boys, and we're about to b homeless, I've spent every penny I had on it and still it sets!! Please somebody help me!!

Trying to locate the body code to replace the steering rack

2006 crysler, pasifica

to let the car run for about 1 1/2 hour after start. It ran for 25 minutes and shut down on its own. Now it wont start again.

Need to replace my coolent sensor. Just need to know where it's located.

Wire is from alternator to starter terminal,red wire.

Our PT cruiser was running hot. We took it to a garage & we had to have the radiator replaced. A few days after the radiator was replaced, my husband attempted to check the oil & found that the dipstick was broken. Could that have occurred when the radiator was replaced? The garage said that couldn't have happened since the radiator was pulled from below.

Change oil pc valve and hose yesterday and its leaking water.

my vehicle has been having issues with the steering and handling for about the last 6 months.It' hard to keep it from being "all over the place" especially with freeway driving.

where is the fuse or relay located

Have replaced instrument cluster two years ago.

old timing belt had 160,000 miles in it

When I start it in the morning it spits and sputters and the traction control light and a red light comes on when i shut it off and start it again it runs fine

We've put a new thermostat in it and checked for leaks and have put coolant in it and felt the hoses that supposed to both be hot and both are but my dad just noticed yesterday that one side of the radiator is hot but the other side is cold what do we need to do to try fix the heat and is it related to the radiator being half cold and half hot

I had new brakes and rotors installed my car is making a humming or rubbing noise!!

The part that holds the stabilizer link to the strut broke off the strut and popped my tire , can I remove the link from the car and stil drive it safely ?
Also have a P0132 code showing for diagnostics reading of the check engine light

It is running on high again. What is the problem?

And change it and now it will not crank so what could be wrong with it

When I put it in Drive it shuts off


every time I try to start my car I need to spray starter fluid in the throttlebody so it will start and run

Drivers headlight stays on

I was driving and my car would die then kick back on. One day I tried to back out of a parking spot and it died then wouldn't start. It wants to start but won't get the motor going. I replaced the battery and it wants to start but won't still.

I need to find a mobilization module in my 2006 Pacifica so I can reset it

Estimate cost please.

Every time I turn the key on it doesn't start till the second try. I have to keep pressure on the foot pedal to keep it running. The car stalls out when I slow down to stop.

We change two sensors