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When i hold gear shifter manual trans i feel it moving and it pops out of gear if i do not hold it in

I am trying to find out what is wrong and not spend money on unnecessary parts

Transmission not good

2.)need top piece on dashboard part cost and installation cost?

I did notice after replacing part that on olden the was slight scratches on the end of sensor. But car runs great. Just can step on it and idles rough. Before I go replacing wires and harnesses I thought I would get some advice. I have notice that I have been getting slight light flickers and a small power loss when turning on lights and other items. Advice please.

there is oil on engine cover right side that wasnt there before--im wondering if EGR is possible cause if both bucking and oil on engine cover as well as check engine light, Do all autoparts places have same machine to check engine codes? oreillys and autozone are here. Thank you for you help!

Does bad shocks cause shimmering when the brakes are applied

The key goes in and turns, but does not start the engine.

Need a front bumper for my 2006 convertible sebring. Was wondering if the sedan bumper will fit, they look exactly the same but at the least there's a $100 difference in price.

I can hear the mechanism revving trying to open but it wont

The fan on AC worked great at first but last couple of years, it doesn't blow as strong. AC does cool though.

already still having issues & this morning would not drive over 30mph now there's no red bolt but seems like something is being missed

First time this has happened. It also blew the radiator cap.

The alert sound is beeping (like the beep with no seat belt) but nothing is lighting up on the dashboard. I tried hooking up to handheld to get a diagnostic code and nothing came up.

Car shakes feel in seat mostly at 35-40mph but also does it at higher speeds of 85-70mph. Makes rumbeling sound over bumps at low speeds.

We changed the oil in my Aspen today and now it's losing power when I drive it. It was fine before the oil was changed.

After u forced it I to hear did you ever have problems with it after that?

Car failed emissions, was told some monitors were disabled and can,t be read, so it failed

I noticed a leak from under the radiator I saw it was by the drain plug near the bottom passenger side of the radiator. I went to turn the plug it came right out. Can this be fixed without getting a new radiator.

Ive been to dealership twice to have the fobs programmed, but they cant do it. what can I do to make system work?

car overheats and blows coolant out have a boiling sound when car is cut off

Why is the transmission fluid look like motor oil,and how can I fix it

Noticed my power back has been hurting since I bought the car 3/months ago. Now it out me out for two weeks with back pain. I love the car but will sell it I can't remedy this

Our coolant temperature shows 210 and it is 95 degrees outside

Car stalls while driving.

blew off top radiator hose. replaced it. this time car over heated steam was coming out of overflow tank. replaced radiator cap, still car over heats

The fluids out its relatively read somebody said possible solenoid pack should I drop the pan and even mess with it I mean I've got the stuff the old owner gave it to me I don't know let me know what you think

runs great when its started but wont start without either

Van was there for over a week. Got van back and at the end of one month transmission started falling out of gear. Took back to shop where they had over a week. Got call, picked up van and as soon as I drove off their lot it had a shifting problem. I immediately drove back and was told to drive for 100 miles then report back to them. At 105 miles van shifted violently on highway, ck engine lite came on and was limped back to their shop. Each time refusing to give me documentation showing mileage before & after and work. Van was there 2 whole weeks. Picked van up, again refusing to give me any documentation of problem and fixes. Drove van for 5 miles and again is shifting hard from 1st to 2nd. Paid them $4500.00 on 1st visit. Since my transmission still isnt correct after 3 shop visits and their reluctance to provide work documentation tells me I am getting screwed over. Am I asking for to much or am I getting their shaft? Bev

I changed my spark plugs and a day later I started to have the problem what can I do to fix it