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Is that legitimate? Now that they replaced that bearing the whole truck vibrates when I accelerate & there is squealing noise that comes from the front when I accelerate. What might have caused this?
When I turn the steering wheel to the right or break, my car is squealing, like metal on metal and it feels like something is rubbing. The mechanic i just brought it to is saying it's my a/c compressor deteriorating ...
the noise occurs when driving long periods of time.
Chirping started while driving about 45mph, engine warmed up, all gauges appeared in normal range. This was the first time it happened, I did not hear it when I stopped and backed up into my driveway. It chipped for a...
when i repared the airconditioning the light started flashing, i changed the feetpump and the problem still
The heat will not warm up unless the car is moving.
how to a replace a tail light unit on a 2008 x terra