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Car dies while driving and my check engine light only comes on when car dies. Its a 5 speed transmission

Outta the blue lost reverse and 3rd.
Automatic tranny, RE340B rpm's will drop when shifting into reverse but wont move.
Also in drive it will do fine in 1st and 2nd. When attempting to shift itself from 2nd to 3rd (about 35/40 mph) 3rd gear slipps and wont enguage. Any info would be greatly appricated!!

I hot wired compressor to take couple cans freon but as soon as I take hot wire off, the compressor kicks off therefore it will not take any more freon. Someone said there is a switch behind the glove box that makes compressor stay kicked on to take more freon?

This has happened twice on trips between Phoenix and LA. Is this an issue with the cars computer?

My friends 1990 d21 hardbody runs great when cold but dies when it warms up and won't start again until it cools off

first time this has happened..was cruising down the highway and car starts doing a slow jerk, like it was running out of gas, but tank is 5/8's full

My front and rear struts need to be replaced. Trying to get an estimate.

Tried 3 times to start normally but engine would turn over a bit then stop. 4th time I pumped the gas and it turned longer but didn't start until 5th time. Idle was normal for about five minutes then was very rough for a few more minutes before getting back to normal. Exhaust smelled like burned rubber. Drove 15 miles perfectly and then the idle got extremely low downhill for about a mile and back to normal again.

Pathfinder was cold at initial start after driving for over 20 miles it was very hot to the touch on driver side hood and fender and started again without an issue.

The front passenger status light as the suplemental airbag warning are both on, all the time. With passenger in or out... The car is now high in miles, we are the 4th owners (just got it). Just need to know how much will cost to fix it... Or if its a recall to go to nissan itself

Truck sat for 4 days. Tried new battery, but no sound.

garage is stating they have to change the transmission along with the engine as 1 assembly. for an engine internal damaged starting problem. never heard of them being 1 assembly.

Took it in for an oil change and a new battery. Was told I need a serpentine belt which would be $188. Seems high.

It was working fine and suddenly just turned off. Tried to change settings. Tried use heat but nothing at all is coming out the vents

Automatic Transmission

just had left and right CV axles replaced. noticed this problem at same time. happens when I accelerate and when i drive continually at those speeds

If my NV1500 is sitting on firm, but wet, grass covered, almost level ground one of the drive wheels will spin. I've put aggressive tread tires on it, but to no avail. Yes, I know how to ease forward and not break traction, but this is the worst. Adding a few hundred pounds over the rear axle helps, but this is unsat. I carry a come-along and 100 ft. of line for these occasions.

I have replace all the sensors from codes I don't know what else it could be

Lots of codes P0725, P1722,P0746,P0826,P1701,P0550,P2A03
It's also make a little ticking noise if you goes 60 it was running fine no issues till now. Is there a transmission sensor that could cause this? HELP ME PLEASE

keeps dying when you put foot on gas and has problems starting

when abs light is is OFF .i apply brakes.abs system kicks in.even on dry roads,

Major oil leak from the back of the engine no oil around the valve cover its all clean

door lock do not work

Pot new sparck plug and i sill got a misfire

checking estimates on replacing all brake pads to find the best cost

Hesistates while driving

the brakes work good except when you slow down and turn in you can hear a clicking sound. and another thing is what causing a bumping sound in the floor board when going slow

I usually put unleaded in my tank but that day u used premium unleaded n my low fuel light came on what do i need to do to solve this

just started a few days ago. AC will start to get warm as well

SUV wobble hard to control when on the freeway

my car started by stopping on the motion and now not even moving anymore