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Drove over 2000 miles when I first got it and worked fine. Let it sit up about a month through December. Started driving again and heat only worked when at high speed or overfilled reservoir. Then started overheating ...
When taking off it doesn't seem to want to go after it takes off the problem stops til I get to a stop sign and have to take off again
Crank sensor. Still have extended crank time and p0340 code is back. Also have the slip light and vdc lights on other then this truck runs great
just stopped working, replaced the resister and heater blower and still the fan won't work could it be the heater switch itself
pulled in driveway turned off ran in house came right backout and car wont start battery brand new
I though it was just the cd player but the radio was turned off and it still made the clicking noise.
Previously, there was a crank sensor code that indicated that the cam sensor was bad. So, I replaced it, but to no avail.
4Weel Drive stop working; it doesn't engide anymore. I am curiour about possible problem and how much min and max repair could cost me? Just a couple of possible repair scenarios. Was tryting to ask around and brough...
Radiator crack allow water to get into trans. Radiator replaced.. transmission flushed several times with Nissan recommended fluid. Transmission seem ok, no slips or anything, but from what I read, it's a matter of ti...
I'm looking for 2005 Nissan xterra valve body  Without unnecessary assembly with pretty nice price All I found over 800$ ridicules expensive My Vin: 5N1AN08W85C610180
When I come to a stop at times, my 05 Xterra's rear end seems to hold up, as if I am towing something heavy. I hit the gas and my RPMs and engine rev but it is as if something is holding back on the rear end. It does ...