2004 Nissan Xterra Questions

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I can smell that it's getting fuel. It's like something is caught in her throat and she can't breathe???

Recently installed by me. im having extreme power loss but the car never really dies, or havent seenit, the abs light comes on so does airbag indicator light

After I stop after been driving for awhile have to wait and let the truck cool down before I can restart the truck. It acts like the batter is dead.

Have replaced starter 4 times in past year. Mechanic says rear main seal is leaking oil onto starter. Will washing starter in car wash help it last longer? Could there be another reason for starter to fail so often? Radio, lights, power windows all work, not even a click when key is turned.

My 2004 xterra looses power have to floor it to get power back then adventually loose all power and stall. Won't restart unless sits for 10 or min. But then stalls again. HELP please!

Once truck warms up, the problem disappears. 4 months ago did tune up with timing belt, water pump, plugs and wires. What else is left?

Headlights do not get dem when trying to start.does nothing.battery is folly charged,starter makes no noise,no clicking or anything.checked fuses and relays,all good.wiring is good.don't know what to check next,anyone have any ran fine.went to leave one day and wouldn't turnover

Bought the truck and had the owner take the car to a mechanic to have them change out the timing belt, water pump etc. when I got in the car the SES light was on . took it immediately back to the mechanic and they said they just didn't reset it. Later on that day It came back on. What could it be?
also the car was a little more rough running then when I originally test drove it .