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with the a/c off car runs fine all the time
I just bought this vehicle Wednesday from a used dealer. Drove it all the way from the dealer to where I live, different counties. Noticed some smoke but figured from the heat being on, was told that isn't the case. U...
Makes a strange whirring noise now. Just before it died the wipers started going really slow. Headlights work, battery terminals are cleaned and it's a new battery
What causes my X-terra to struggle moving forward after I put it in drive but after a few minutes warming up it will move but struggles for the next few miles. Will this be a costly repair?
5 min after leaving work the truck starts acting like its running out of gas and dies. checked for spark and also pulled the return fuel line to check fuel pump. Both spark and fuel are good. But truck only turns ...
Brakes always working fine. Car manuel doesn't tell me much.What might be causing this slight problem? Do I need to get it fixed? At what price?
ABS serves what purpose? Brakes seem to work great all the time. What could be wrong? Cost to fix? Car manual doesn't tell you much.
Had slowed too go around a corner half way through it shut down I rolled to a stop and it would not start again.
My ABS light is going on and off for no apparent reason someone said to check my ABS Sensors?