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Just changed fuel pump.bought a new battery changed spark plugs.
There is a tapping noise coming from under my dash board that seems to start when ever I crank up. It last for a while then stops. If I turn on anything while driving it starts again. Also does it when I turn the veh...
the noise happens at various speeds. the noise stops when i ease off the gas pedal. the noise sounds like metal on metal. other than that, the truck runs fine.
Is it possible to bypass the water heater valve?
I have no power to the heating valve switch when the heater is running!!!! I've checked for voltage with my volt meter!!!
sensors, all 4. then it showed rt side front sensor not responding. had it reset and relearned and drove it over 1000 miles thru tenn mountains. hwy and city,stop and go. there is no check engine light showing and no...
I travel roughly 100miles at highway speeds every day and even on dry pavement my 4LO light blinks constantly. We recently had a snowy day and I put the truck into 4HI but the indicator light on the dash that shows y...
The cabin heater does not produce heat. The AC runs well and the fan seems to be doing it's job too. When I turn the heater on I can feel air coming out of the vent, it increases as the knob is turned, but no heat i...
How much is a first time front end allignment for a 2006 titan
when driving and push on accelerator pedal,its fine till around 2500 rpm, then just cuts out and keeps surging.As long as rpm stays under 2500,seems fine.
Does fuel guage have a fuse?