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Just changed fuel pump.bought a new battery changed spark plugs.
Have to rev up to about 3000 rpm to get it to kick in and then it goes.
I have to rev the motor to about 3000 rpm for it to catch and it works fine.
Also when we turn the know for the ac / heat fan to come on there is a clicking but the fan doesnt work.
Can this be the rotors needing to be replaced, or will replacing the pads correct the issue?
I have a 2004 Titan CC 4x4 with 187k miles. I Have always used royal purple 5w30 and a Nissan Oil Filter. Lately when truck is driven a period of time the oil psi gauge which has always rode in the middle or a little ...
starting has been sluggish on cold mornings. started this morning very slow and ran 2 seconds and cut off. tried to jump off. turning key now produces nothing at all. Lost interior lights, wipers, signal lights. Headl...
Vehicle not getting fuel. Has never stopped while driving
with the VDC OFF light not turning off I can't turn the VDC that it's winter time and the roads are icey and snowy, my truck spins the tires and drifts around corners. It's dangerous to drive, does anybody kn...
There is a tapping noise coming from under my dash board that seems to start when ever I crank up. It last for a while then stops. If I turn on anything while driving it starts again. Also does it when I turn the veh...
instrument panel all gauges go off but the truck stays runing
for diagnostic check.Is there another repair alternative to the dealer? I tried Pep Boy and a Toyota dealer. Both said that they do not have the diagnostic equipment. I have also considered an aftermarket camera. Ideas?
My boyfriend checked the fuses and they were ok. We are puzzled as to what the problem is. Any idea as to what the problem could be? We are trying not to have to take the truck to a mechanic...but will if we have to.
On way home it just pinned to hot and truck got a little bumpy and then my oil temp light came on also so in morning I turned key and it pinned right to hot again and still starting rough
Driving 35- 40 mpg with defrost and lights on , turned the corner and lost power. Dash sensor lights came on, was able to coast to side of road. Turned everything off then it restarted well and has driven fine since...
It will get hot but only after an 30-45 mins later with the set point at 90 degrees. then it doesn't cool down once the set point is changed to 72 degrees. Is there an easy replaceable control valve that can be purch...
One the car is out of park it shift fine. I have to jiggle the shifter to get it to move into place.