My 2008 Nissan Titan engine idles over 1 RPM at standing idle,why!

How much to fix front differential

Dealership does not know what is wrong

B-LSD light on and 4 wheel drive will not come on. 4x4 2004 Nissan Titan

The gas pedal has no affect . I was cruising at about 70mph and went to accelerate when the truck stalled it will start but won't idle any ideas on what the issue is ? 05 titan

I start my truck put it in D and the truck take don't respond when I step on the gas .The truck dos too in gear,sometimes it will move sometime it don't.I would want to know the problem and how to fix it.

Heavy oil usage (1-2 quarts per week) despite power test showing equal compression in all 8 and oil been changed timely. Plugs 2 & 4 need regular cleaning. Dealership/3rd party mechanics all say the engine is fine and won't work on it. Could vandalism cause this?

looking for Differential for Nissan Titan 2006

where is the transmission filter located?

My front left side only wheel bearing first went on me about 2 months ago. Since the replacement I have had the same bearing go on me 3 more times. At first we thought it was a bad part now it has to be something so much more. Each replacement bearing only lasts about 300 miles.

How to install the halfshaft

The problem just started it never turns off. The fan on occasion in the past would turn from low to high on its own, but when I turned off the switch it always turned off completely until nom

Heater just blows cold air. clicking sound coming from heater/ac.

Last time everything was shut down and turned off over night and it worked fine the next day.

replaced battery twice. second time with a bigger one. has to be jump started every morning. no problems rest of day. going on 4th winter. no one seems to know what problem is

The entire front end vibrates violently until you stop then goes away and it's not a constant thing

Leak on passenger side, running down from under dash by fuse panel and also from hand hold to get into truck by windshield. The trim on the outside roof has cracked and some has come off. Have revealed windshield still leaking. Live in AK don't use air conditioner so know it's not that.

Once the truck is warmed up and put into reverse it'll slip and not move ... But in the morning or cools off it'll go in reverse, it has 117w50 miles just flushed the transmission and atill no reverse. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks

Codes p0118, p0123, p0223, p0183, p0420,and p0430.. I need help in what would be making these codes appear. Also ABS and brake lights are now illuminated

AC Unit drain clogged someone told me, ho do I check it

Those three lights are on and the 4 wheel drive won't engage what's wrong

Titan 2007 5.6 V8/Automatic transmission/Crew cab
when trying to put the truck in reverse, the truck would not move forwards nor backwards. The gear shift lever felt like in was not engaging the gears but moved freely along the entire range, from park to Low drive. The Shift indicator on the panel indicates "D" for Drive but when the shift lever was move up and down the range the indicator did not move from drive to any other location.

After turning the truck off. We tried to restart the truck but it would not as the system thinks the truck is in Gear "D".

when you moved the gear shifter up and down the range, it feels as if it has become disconnected and you can hear as the lever moves up and down making noise as it travels.

we checked transmission fluid, it is good and clear. I believe that the transmission is fine it is linkage that failed or became disconnect?

is this a common problem? any advice would be greatly appreciated.