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Have to rev up to about 3000 rpm to get it to kick in and then it goes.
I have to rev the motor to about 3000 rpm for it to catch and it works fine.
Vehicle not getting fuel. Has never stopped while driving
for diagnostic check.Is there another repair alternative to the dealer? I tried Pep Boy and a Toyota dealer. Both said that they do not have the diagnostic equipment. I have also considered an aftermarket camera. Ideas?
My boyfriend checked the fuses and they were ok. We are puzzled as to what the problem is. Any idea as to what the problem could be? We are trying not to have to take the truck to a mechanic...but will if we have to.
While driving the lights will just come on, or sometimes while towing my travel trailer. sometimes you can turn the truck off and it will reset most of the time. Now the backup off alert light is on also.
When this happens it will sporadically start working again - possibly when we turn the ac/heat fan off. We feel there is a connection to the ac/heat fan because now if we leave the fan on the first notch everything wo...
When I shift into gear the SLIP & ABS lites up while driving? I am not sure what to do.
When I turn key on and run the engine the middle and top lights come on when I am in 2wheel dr.ive When I go to 4wheel high the lights do not show anything 4h or 4low. The green light shows on Dash for 4 low
The driver power seat wires caught on fire and now the seat does not move back and forth. Everything else on the seat moves and works but I can't find a motor so I was told to buy a new seat. I found one at a salvag...
I think it's a valve gate on the ac vent trying to open but slipping, any idears? It's intermittent also.
Towing my toy hauler (7500 lbs.) my Titan shuts down somtimes. Engine temp. has never been a problem. Could this be a transmission to full of fluid?
Codes: P0744; P01754; P01757; P01759: P01764
cant find the fuses under the dash by the steering column