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I hit a curb on the passenger side front after that I smelled rubber burning and my Car started sounding funny and drove different I was doing 40 mph and my RPGs was between 6 and 7. On the manifold on right side I se...
dont know how to remove tail lite assembly
how to remove the tail lense to replace the bulb break lite
I am due for an oil change and it knocks faster with car speed but does stop periodically on long straight-aways. As soon as I start again it begins to knock.
Vehicle has a warning light on panel which looks like a horseshoe, or possibly a headset, with an exclamation point on the inside.
When on the highway the sound is like the car is idled but it's not. The sound stops when I turn the corner. Could this be the wheel bearing or do I just need a new set of tires?
When I press the power lock button, a loud buzzing sound comes from the passenger side door. It also occurs when I turn the car off and remove the key. What is the problem?
when car is turned off radio cannot be controled for about ,10 minutes then works finewhen car is turned off same thing again with radio
I have a 2011 Sentra SE L with less than 500 mi and whenever I start to drive after the car has sat for a while I hear a rattling/rumbling sound coming from possibly the right rear wheel well or muffler area. Any idea...
Have 500 miles on 2011 Sentra S.While driving 15-20 mph into our community,noticed sound coming from front wheels during rotation.When car slows,sound becomes less with slower speed,and stops when vehicle comes to dea...
Where is the catalytic converter located on a 2011 Sentra SE-R Spec V?