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Check engine light on at 124000 miles code says fuel sensor, hesitates to excelorate stalls out at lights stops signs n idle
The car would start right up after shutting off before now it's taking a long time to start
I bought a remanufactured window regulator thinking the motor might be dead, however, upon replacing the new part the window will only go down and will not go up. Both the driver controls and the rear control switchs...
And still same, no power, bad idle, almost $2400 and still same. Only codes O2 sensors heaters. And they are new oem. Sentra from hell please help
I honestly dont know much about cars, but it only has happened twice so far. But i noticed that the temp gauge is all the way to H. I will turn the heat on until i can pull over, and then it immediately drop back down...
My car is making a thumping sound when I turn and pulling hard to the right.I have had all the front end replaced, front structs, tie rod end, control arm and the power steering.
it will not stay crunk ,we cleaned the maf sensor and it is worse now
My car is running good, I did two services from different places, but light is still on. Suggest me what I have to do
I hit a curb on the passenger side front after that I smelled rubber burning and my Car started sounding funny and drove different I was doing 40 mph and my RPGs was between 6 and 7. On the manifold on right side I se...
It leaked from bottom of motor ? Added water motor cooled and no more leak, Car now running mormal. Is there a pressure lelief valve that I do not know about ?
Hi so my light just turned on and stays on. I just had the O2 sensor 2 weeks ago im just over 75,460Miles
Car will run, transmission engages and tires spin for a little while, then they stop without the brakes being pressed. Any ideas on whats causing this?
dont know how to remove tail lite assembly
how to remove the tail lense to replace the bulb break lite
My vapor canister is rotten and needs to be replace also additional part that are connected to the vapor canister