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I've replaced spark plugs and wires, maf sensor,o2 sensor upstream and cleaned the throttle body and replaced the ecu I did the idle relearn multiple times and still seams to have the same problem...seams to run ok after replacing the items at first but then it comes back ...I'm lost

I've changed plugs 3 times within the last 6 months.

Both parents need to be replaced I need to see how much it would cost to fix it

The boot and shifter are fine but the small clips that snug the boot into the console snapped off and the boot falls down into a gapping hole

Hello everyone and thanks for your time. For a couple years now I've been having issues keeping my car running if its colder than say 30ish. If its down in the teens like it has been lately I have to keep it at around 2000rpm to keep it from dying. Holding my foot on the gas the whole time I drive even when I hit a light. Within bout 10 min of driving it runs great. All summer it runs great as well. I might add it always starts right up cold unhappy or not but when its cold it struggles to stay running. Any points I can go after? Hopefuly a cheap and easy fix but sometimes I'm not that lucky... Have a good one amd thanks again

The one that I can see in there is stainless woven tightly. Is that stock? And if so will it be a big deal getting one that's not woven s.s.? Thanks in advance n thanks

Sentra E 13 inch tires and 1.6 engine

1.6 engine ... have taken cluster out and cleaned all contacts.... I`m clueless .

Just buy it is Runn and and load it to trailer to off load is not start I buy use computer it runn for 3 minutes,and short down again

Have to take the key out and out it close to the button and push on breaks and it will start, but today its not starting at all.

Had car cranked and turned it off upon trying to start it back up the steering column was locked. It will turn right towards the bad strut but not left.

Check engine light does not come on and I have 62000 miles. What is the cost to repair? Thanks

put bad gas in it one time bucked and jumped then died in the middle of the road. well put some cleaner for the gas injector and carbs in the tank and it ran great for about a month after that.Well all of a sudden in the beginning of October I went out to crank the car to get it warmed up well it started up but only ran for only about five mins cranked it again and it stay started. well i did my few runs and was headed back home then it just died out of no where on the railroad tracks. When it died it felt like i just let off the gas pedal but i didn't well it gave the code i think po340 i think for the camshaft position sensor and po335 for the crankshaft position sensor well we changed the cam and it ran great again smoothe as ever but then three days later started bcuking jumping and dying again in the middle of no where. so we decided to change the crank well upon changing the crank we couldn't get it to come pass the Oring so it would come out of the motor and we puled rlly hard on it and the pigtail connector clip broke.... just the clip part the rest is still fine and I'm sure we could probably hook it up somehow to stay on there but then when we finally got the crank almost out of the motor the end piece that sticks out of the car that you connect the connector to on the sensor rips off but from the Oring on it still in the motor. i mean we couldn't done nothing bad except brake the harness the sensor was already bad well now we have replaced both of them and it wont start period now it will crank but no start... I'm just so frustrated i need help!!!!!

when I tried to start the car it would not turn over just a whirring sound I bypassed ignition system by disconnecting the connection from the wiring harness and jumping it directly from battery with start momentary switch engine turned over but did not start it did start when I had it hooked up to harness and jumped it it did the same whrring sound.

This just happened yesterday and I was able to start the car right away. It's about time for an oil change; it's been running a little rough at times, with a "cough". The car has about 56K miles on it and has had regular oil changes since I bought it new.

The light that indicates the gas cap is not seated came on, then the fuel gauge went from showing a full fuel tank to empty and illuminated low fuel light.

I also replaced the relay switch thinking it may be that. No luck. However, when any door is open, the flashers begin flashing and do not turn off until all doors have been shut for about 40 seconds. Is this a sign of something?

We had a flat tire and took our 2013 Nissan Sentra to a local tire shop to have a spare we had switched over. Directly following the tire change our speedometer & odometer have stopped working completely and the tire inflation, traction control & abs brake warning lights have all come on. Everyone we've talked to says this can't be related to the tire change. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

When I lock or unlock car doors with key fob or the power door lock button 3 of the 4 doors lock. Leaving one door that dose not seem to be conected to the rest of the power door lock. Power window still works on the door lights still come on when door opens and alarm will sound of door opens and alarm is set. Door will lock and in lock by hand.

when start up, must keep playing with accelerator petal. need to warm up 15 - 20 minutes to drive. when left overnight, wont start. cam and crank sensors replaced ... did not fix. what now.

I'm 38 years old and am a mechanic at Majestic Motors in Yukon, Oklahoma. Am an Asian-American, and have found an unusual number of complaints for EPS that Nissan Dealerships will not take responsibility for.
Using a wiring diagram, there is a brown colored wire from torque steering sensor to computer. This wire may have a short, an open, or may be disconnected. (my vehicle showed this wire to be cut/pinched) after making proper repairs electronically, the vehicle is back to full operation. Thank you for your time, and I hope this helps the auto industry at large.

I have a 2015 nissan sentra SR with 8,000 miles on it. Can anyone tell me where the dipstick for the automatic transmission fluid is located? Does the car even have one? I have searched all over the internet and found nothing. It is puzzling me.

I had an emission test done and that is one of things that I need to get fixed and I was unsure on what that actually was.

My radio stopped working after someone tried to jump the battery. When I replaced the battery that day, it didn't come back on. A local mechanic said that I needed to take it to the dealership and have the code reset.

Pressing the gas. Kind of like something falling/ scrapping. There are no lights on or sensors when the test is ran. I've had it lifts and he said everything looked fine. But I know there is an issue. Please help me

What do you think it could be I've cleaned the feul injection, tune up ,ma's air flow,check for air leaks

I bought my sentra spec v n april the air conditioner worked perfectly fine for about a mth. Then the air wouldn't come out cold for a few weeks then if I turn it on it makes a horrible noise not like a belt noise. Its a really bad noise i cant even explain how it sounds. n the noise lasts up to 10 seconds if not more. I can't even use defrost with it bc when I turn it off it makes that noise. Now it doesn't make ne noise when I have the ac or defrost on either low to high only when I turn it off. And my engine light comes on some days then off a couple of days. So that's 1 ques. The other is when I fill up my car with gas. Ad I'm driving I keep smelling gas as I'm driving. I did read something today that n the spec v u r suppose to use premium gas. And I have been using 87. Idk if that has anything to do with it. But im just worried about y i keep smelling gas. Sorry so long I would jus like an opinion on what could b wrong. As I don't have the money to pay 75 dollars jus to c what is wrong with it. Thank u!

My car needs 3 new doors and 2 Windows and some little inter fixing, new tall lights and a front finder and front and back bummer and I have a old 1999 Nissan Sentra that don't run so I was wondering if I could use parts off that car to put on my 2004

No success. followed all the steps but ses light never blinked during the process so the reset never happened. idle is still to high and ses light is on. Suggestions?

I just found out that my car exhaust is rusted in a way that needs me to have the muffler and tailpipe replaced. I am curious as to how much I can expect to pay so that if I go in for an estimate I can be prepared so I don't get overcharged.