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Just recently bought some parts from 4 Seasons (or Everco by 4 Seasons) and wanted to get people's opinion on the company's products. Is it reliable or not? When I mentioned the company to my mechanic felt more rel...
It might be a dumb question, but I want to triple check. My A/C Compressor failed not too long ago (6 months) and I have finally decided to replace it with a new compressor. Question is if I need to replace the rec...
I have had to replaced the engine last year and the fuel pump yesterday and it's still not running
I purchased a bulb at a part store but they didn't want to try it.
My A/C stopped working suddenly. I thought perhaps it was the fan belt.
Noise is louder when is heated up. Noise is from front right wheel,
My side mirror ran into a pole while I was backing up from a tight parking space. Please recommend a good Nissan repair shop.
Clutch sensor was replaced, trouble repeated at 14,000 miles and now just one month later I'm having trouble with it again. Push in the clutch, turn the key and nothing... Service techs are throwing up their hands. ...
How do I reset the TPMS on this vehicle. The tire pressures are as recommended.
After the car has been parked for while and you begin driving it again, there is a bumping noise in the right front. That's the only time it does it until the car is parked again and driven after being parked.
I noticed that the roof mounted antenna does not have the wire wrapped around it that I understand reduces air noise. Could this be the noise I'm hearing coming from the rear of the car while on the highway?