Had starter replaced...hissing sounds, When on freeway, no power... now keeps shutting off drive at 20 mph it won't die off

What els could show the same symptom poor idle want crank when warm and car dies when put in gear

The car idles but when I try to move forwards or backwards it dies when warm idle dies

driving on highway for 10 min got off driving about 35mph when car quit. All lights AC/radio still on but engine quite. Won't restart even after more than an hour. Starter engages and turns but engine doesn't start. first time problem.

I know my gas cap is on tightly so that can not be the cause of it.

Sentra 2005 have code po1138 change intake manifold with swirl valve but still getting the same code what else can i do . And after removal of intake fuell line and reconecting it now have a humming sound in side of car like pump humming but star ok hope get some answer that can help me

The gas in my tank leak out when it's sitting in front of my door, and, it spit the gas back out when I'm trying to fill up my tank. When I took my car to the mechanic, he said a code came up that my crankshaft position sensor needs to be replaced.