The boot and shifter are fine but the small clips that snug the boot into the console snapped off and the boot falls down into a gapping hole

Just buy it is Runn and and load it to trailer to off load is not start I buy use computer it runn for 3 minutes,and short down again

when start up, must keep playing with accelerator petal. need to warm up 15 - 20 minutes to drive. when left overnight, wont start. cam and crank sensors replaced ... did not fix. what now.

My car needs 3 new doors and 2 Windows and some little inter fixing, new tall lights and a front finder and front and back bummer and I have a old 1999 Nissan Sentra that don't run so I was wondering if I could use parts off that car to put on my 2004

I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra, my car makes a noise when I take my foot off the gas pedal. It is only when I am going over 50mph, trying to accelerate to a higher speed. Once I take my foot of the gas, I hear a sound almost like grinding, or humming sound.

The cars stops running try to turn it on again and it won't

When the car is runnings sometime turn off and the check light is on

when i drive my car for 5 hours or more and turn it off, and crank it back up i am unable to drive more than 10 miles an hour. It has only did it once when i was backing up. It seem when the car cools off it drives normal.

i was told the cat converter was going outit was losing power while driving and barely putting along/i added cataclean which didnt help really/my friend drilled a small hole in it and it drove better but was loud/he insisted on putting another can in and now it wont hardly drive at all

it loses power after its been warmed up and almost stops completly<putts>at a very low speed.but when i let up on the accelerator a little sometimes it will regain power and take off on me.the mecanic here in my town said two codes were code and evap/i was pricing cats online and looks like they are labled eithier front or back/will i need both?

What's wrong with it?

Please help?

I have tried to slam the hood, knock the steering wheel, the dash board, the fuse box, etc. Sometimes it works sometimes it not. Probably tomorrow or next day, if I find the car in a good mood, it will start at the first turn of the key. I can't depend on the car's mood...My mechanic check it out and didn't find anything. He tried to start it so may times and it started. When I turned off it didn't star x a few days