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I have tried to slam the hood, knock the steering wheel, the dash board, the fuse box, etc. Sometimes it works sometimes it not. Probably tomorrow or next day, if I find the car in a good mood, it will start at the fi...
Car just started cutting off while I was driving! mostly apon stopping or pulling off from a stop. Did the daily sometimes several times a day for week then engine light came on 81,000 miles..any ideas..did a check on...
It's to use a trickle charger. will this cause damage to the radio? TYVM
took 2 dealer couldn't find anything wrong suggested replacing everything but the kitchen sink and then wasnt sure it would be corrected. replaced plugs and battery AANY HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED
car lurched when idling and foot on brake also occurred in Park not sure but think code was e7
car appears 2 want 2 go forward shudder only lasta few seconds but does occur often car runs well otherwise and no warning lights appear
Have noticed something off with the front end for a while. CV axles are fine as well as the struts, but I have noticed something akin to a popping in the steering column. Was curious as to what this may be. Due to ...