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I replaced the ECU, (On the advice of my Nissan
Tech). Two weeks later I still had problems, car dies and wont restart for aleast 20mins. Thats when he told me they usualy replace the I.A.C.V. and the T.P.S. With my wallet over $600 lighter, my sentra still drives like S#!t.

First the car has an erratic runnig and now dont star i need code description and wiring diagran, what I have to do to fix it

car has 100,000 miles on it

el carro huele hacombustible en marcha y no tiene liqueos

can i repair the issue?

I had taken my car to Auto Zone in Dec. they said their diagnostic said the code was the fuel temperature sensor. A mechanic looked at it and said it just needed to be reset,everything has been good til 2 weeks ago. My car was stalling at lights or when coming to a stop the next day it then started stalling while driving,till a couple days later it wouldnt turn over at all. I had it towed to a shop where they did a diagnostic and they said the problem was that my oil stick was missing which caused air to flow through the fuel system and a pc valve needed to be replaced. that was good i thought till i went to pay and pick it up the next day and they said they had bad news, my ecu needed to be replaced, at the time of the towing of my car i explained to them of the fuel temperature sensor,which was obviously never checked.My bill is now over 900.00 I have no money like that for mistakes to be made numerous times. The day when my car is ready i get another call stating they found the problem,my fuel pump and temperature sensor need to be replaced as well as my battery,i had no choice to pickup my car because unable for bill to get any higher. I got my car home and it doesnt start, please is there anything i can do?

when I bought this car, the former owner explained the lack of an oil dipstick, by saying he broke it off in the resevior, but removed it using a magnet and stick (that was hard to believe!) and was told all I needed to do was buy a new one.
I can only get a dipstick in between 1/2 and 3/4 of the way.

i would like to know what the problem is before i do anything else.

guage on dashboard shows engine running hot, it'll then go back to normal, then hot, a continous cycle. I have changed the thermastat but the problem still exists. What am I missing or what do I need to do?

I just replaced my flywheel and the clutch on my nissan. The only part on my clutch that i didnt replace was the throw out bearing and after i replaced those parts about a week later i was going about 5 mph and my clutch was engaged, then it suddenly wouldnt move like it was in neutral.When i push in and out on the clutch it makes this squealing noise but wont move. I want to know if it is forsure the throw out bearing or mast cylinder. Please let me know what you think asap need repaired like yesturday.

It sounds like it spuddering and eventually speed pksup and RPM jumps to 3/4000 rpm quick. Mechanic has told me it might be the TPS sensor but is not sure?

hav 2 turn key twice to start win cold all the time its a manual

every time i try to pass 85 mph my car wont go faster than that other than that is ok.

I took them out of the clip, and don't know now what wire goes where.

I bought a used 2002 Nissan sentra B15 automatic transmission for Christmas. It was given to me after it was fully painted until the third week of January. Since then I have had problems with the car when in drive or reverse it all of a sudden turns off when you press the brake and come to a halt. Three mechanics have seen it and I'm still not paying the last past to the guy that sold it to me because of this problem.
1. The guy that sold it to me took it to his mechanic were all the injectors were cleaned.
2. I still had the problem and then took it to my mechanic. He changed the positioning sensor which is very specific for these types of cars. He then replaced the gasoline injector pump with a brand new Bosch type pump which is located inside the fuel tank. And the last thing he did was change the catalytic muffler which he says that this type of Sentra is unique and carries 2. One on the exhaust pipe, and one right in the motor.
I picked up the car this weekend and it no longer is shaking when i come to a stop. The ride and the motor noise is smoother, but once I have been driving for 10 minutes it suddenly dies on me for no apparent reason on a red light or stop sign. It even dies on me in reverse. It sounds to me electrical or it's not receiving enough gas through the chambers or pistons. Both mechanics have told me that the 4 spark plugs are fine and the there quality is superior made out of Iridium?
Please help me. Buying my first car has been a nightmare due to what seems a simple dumb problem to fix.