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It sounds like it spuddering and eventually speed pksup and RPM jumps to 3/4000 rpm quick. Mechanic has told me it might be the TPS sensor but is not sure?
hav 2 turn key twice to start win cold all the time its a manual
every time i try to pass 85 mph my car wont go faster than that other than that is ok.
I took them out of the clip, and don't know now what wire goes where.
I bought a used 2002 Nissan sentra B15 automatic transmission for Christmas. It was given to me after it was fully painted until the third week of January. Since then I have had problems with the car when in drive or ...
After freezing temperatures in February, 3 of my car windows will not longer go down when I press the buttons. There is also no sound to indicate that the power has been engaged. The driver's side window still works.
i bought a full throttle performance chip from ebay/autochipsdirect.com and it comes with 2 wires that you splice to the maf/iat sensor... which 2 do i splice to?? does anyone know????
i bought a full throttle performance module and need to know on what wire colors i splice to... my car has a 5 wire integrated maf/iat sensor and my performance chip has 2 wires that splice to it. i just need to know ...
it has tubro kit labor cost ?
3 weeks ago i was coming home from school and downshifted to second gear to accelerate up my hill in my neighborhood and pushed the accelerator and there was nothing the car just shut off silently but the power was st...
Power window (driver's side) not functioning. Need to install replacement switch. Is this a DIY job or should I leave it to the pros.
what could be the cause of dash gauges not working? blinkers lights radio are all fine
Hi! I see that you have Front Struts for an estimate... but how much for rear struts? I read that rear struts are cheaper for the parts, but a bit higher in labor. Is the estimate about the same? I have a 2002 nissan...
35983 everyday using about 2 quarts a day no leaking from bottom of car or form motor