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cranks fine. sputters like old car with bad choke or loading up..start fluid does not help. when temp warms to 25-30 degrees or more car pops right off..runs fine ???
The moon roof is not working. The good news is that it's CLOSED, but it will not OPEN or TILT. Any and all advice for trouble-shooting and repair would be greatly appreciated.
Cranks good, idle good, but when drive lose power, goes into low idle no power, but don't stall.
My sentra is cutting off and giving a PO335 code.
I replaced the ECU, (On the advice of my Nissan Tech). Two weeks later I still had problems, car dies and wont restart for aleast 20mins. Thats when he told me they usualy replace the I.A.C.V. and the T.P.S. With my...
First the car has an erratic runnig and now dont star i need code description and wiring diagran, what I have to do to fix it
el carro huele hacombustible en marcha y no tiene liqueos
I had taken my car to Auto Zone in Dec. they said their diagnostic said the code was the fuel temperature sensor. A mechanic looked at it and said it just needed to be reset,everything has been good til 2 weeks ago. M...
when I bought this car, the former owner explained the lack of an oil dipstick, by saying he broke it off in the resevior, but removed it using a magnet and stick (that was hard to believe!) and was told all I needed ...
i would like to know what the problem is before i do anything else.
guage on dashboard shows engine running hot, it'll then go back to normal, then hot, a continous cycle. I have changed the thermastat but the problem still exists. What am I missing or what do I need to do?
I just replaced my flywheel and the clutch on my nissan. The only part on my clutch that i didnt replace was the throw out bearing and after i replaced those parts about a week later i was going about 5 mph and my clu...