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the end gear broke off in transmission how to get it out
I recently got a new starter and timing chain. Usually in the mornings or at night after not driving for some time (5+ hours) the car will not start the first time after you crank it. Usually it takes a few times in o...
my car will be going down the road and stall and the check engine light will come on and it will say camshaft position sensor bank one or signal sensor a. and i saw that my distributer cap was cracked.
will a 2001 Nissan Maxima or Altima rear brake caliper fit a 2001 Sentra
noticed engine is not starting up properly, smelled antifreeze after I shut off car so checked engine .seen water reservoir was low on water and oil was way overfull and I have not changed or added any oil. is that a ...
I know that the first one is Evap system Leak indicating Maybe a bad evap canister valve. Or bad gas cap. Gas cap looks fine. The other is "NO DTC definition found. I don't know what that means. The strange thing is t...
My car is apparently only running on third gear and does not seem to shift to other gears.
It has new starter, spark plugs, coils, and fuel pump.
I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra that keeps showing a P0140 DTC. I was intitially getting a code for the heater circuit so I replaced the sensor. Thats when I started getting P0140 instead. I checked wiring for shorts and ...
i took my car in for an oil change asked them to check under the car for any leaks. i was told the transmission had a small leak, it was the rear main seal to the transmission.
I had my car checked & was told it was the speed sensor. I had that changed. One week later I'm still having the same problem. Was told the part might have been bad, so putting in the second sensor today.
transmission won't go into gear it's a standard transmission