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My car is running good, I did two services from different places, but light is still on. Suggest me what I have to do
it takes along time to start and once it starts it will idle perfect then when i give it gas it bogs down then kills and it takes along time to start it again like its flooded or either its not getting enough gas. i c...
We have simply tried taking the screw out and using pliers to pull it out. However the o-ring will not budge. We've tried every which way to jam it loose buy nothing works. Its almost like there is some kind of sealan...
when im low on gas my gaslight doesnt come on at all. Anyway to fix this
ok I was driving last night and when i shifted into 2nd the clutch went down with no resistance and wouldn't come back up. I was not able to shift due to the clutch not engaging. I have to turn the car off and put it ...
my car warms up no problem when in neutral but once i start driving and as i shift i can see my thermlstat slowly go cold and then it even blows cold air
Changed Thermostat, Flushed radiator, Fans work and it seems my transmission is going out as well. When I can get it to to the 4th gear it will usually drop the temp but not always. Should I just get rid of it?
is automatic transmision
Is it difficult to repressure fuel filter?, changed fuel filter because it would stumble on full speed range, could it be the fuse?
i have a code p0125 according to the code could be a low coolant level,faulty thermostat or ect circuit fault initialy i have a little bit of low fluid but after that the light stay on i did replaced the thermostat bu...
in order for get the heater or AC working i have to put the switch on # 4 position or ready try a new switch but still doing the same
I have checked: the Bulbs and the connections-no problems noted. I did noticed while the engine was running, the cooling fans turn on and the lights blinked? I do not have a repair manual to turn too. Help!
how do i replase heatercoe