Even with key out of the ignition the light still stay on what can Tht be

Replaced wires. Have power going into distributor but no spark is the a mishap that could be fried or do I needed a new distributor?

every time I drive up a ramp or a small bump, a thump noise will come from my front tire and I don't know what it is..

1998 Nissan sentra 1.6L manual won't start. Replaced the head gasket because of low compression. Everything is plugged back up where it belongs. Not sure what else to try. Any advice?

what do i need to fix it and how much would it cost all up to repair

When I rear up the engine the sound is not present but when it go to a normal idle the sound comes back.

muffler replacement is not an option when looking for estimates.

the car was overheated i changed water pump, thermostat and radiator cap but it still overheats mechanic is charging me $900 to rebuild engine head gasket and his labor


code P0141. Need to know what sensor, location of sensors & how to make repairs to clear code. Thanks in advance !

nissan gxe/..none of the windows will go up or down

i replaced my dimmer switch after the dash lights stopped working totally the stereo is factory and the fuses are all good i think it is the harness that connects to the dimmer switch is that likely and how hard is it to replace

I replaced the alternator and the battery and now the windows, radio and other electrical accessories don't work