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My vapor canister is rotten and needs to be replace also additional part that are connected to the vapor canister
While my truck is in the shop I was using my dads car. Within a week of using it, it starts messing up. It seemed like it was struggling to get air so I took it to the shop they said that the Cadillac converter was ...
1997 Nissan Sentra 4cyl. 1.8 remove exsiting motor and replace.
What is a good brand? I had mine replaced in August and the check engine lite is on again. The computer keeps saying that it's a faulty sensor (I think the code is p100)
And i changed it even the 2nd one did last,the dash lights just goes off and it shuts down
we changed the fuel pump and fuel filter,checked MAF operationa and it checked out ok.checked distributor and cap rotor and plug wireschecked fuel pressure w/ new pump (ok),checked TPS and MAP sensor, car looses power...
backup lights don't work, i have changed the switch and different bulbs, no results
p0446-Evaporative System Canister Vent Control Valve Circuit
I didn't see this repair on the estimator page. I heard it is an easy job and the part can be aftermarket, since it is an older car. Anybody want to do the work?
also, if you suggest trying the product, how do you put it in? I'm in Phoenix and need ac so would appreciate suggestions!
at this point I only want to spend money on what would affect the car running or not. the broken clock spring affected the horn which I disconnected by taking the fuse out. I son't care about the cruise control, airba...
Bought it the lady said it just quit on her thought maybe it was the fuel pump I replaced it and other electrical items still will not start has spark and fuel
I am trying to find out how much it will cost me to havejust a rough estimates to change ALT belt, power steeriing belt, 2 lower ball joints, 2 outer tie rods,and 2 outer tie rods replace on my car before someone rip...
Have already verified that this is the part that needs to be replaced. Is this a dealer only item or can anyone give me an idea where else I may be able to purchase. I've not had much luck finding it anywhere.