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The car would start right up after shutting off before now it's taking a long time to start
Have been working on this car for a few weeks now; the car sat for 8 months with this fluid combination under the plugs. The gas+oil under the plugs was the original problem. We took the plugs out and tried to sta...
I have had issues with the safety neutral switch in the past and had a mobile mechanic get underneath the car and he lubricated some part - can remember what it was! Today was hot and it was especially rough to shift...
noise maybe coming from water pump. Car is not over heating.
I replaced the old one, replaced the replacement and now this one left me stranded after a fill up. Car had kind of fluttered 2 or 3 times on way to work but then ran well. Pulled pump, plugged in all connections, ran...
i repaired the coil and still no fire. car has new plugs and wires. help?
I have to apply enough gas while braking so that it wont cut off. sometimes i can put it in neutral gas it up it maybe it
My car just died going down the freeway and wouldnt start back up i recently put fuel pump i got from pull apart 2 months ago need help.
the brake light and blinker on the left side rear is not working the right side works