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My car is making a thumping sound when I turn and pulling hard to the right.I have had all the front end replaced, front structs, tie rod end, control arm and the power steering.
It leaked from bottom of motor ? Added water motor cooled and no more leak, Car now running mormal. Is there a pressure lelief valve that I do not know about ?
More often than not,now,I push in the clutch and turn the key and theres nothing, not even a click. But, I still have plenty of juice for everything else.
When cap is off I can squeeze all hoses and water comes out replaced thermostat but still overheats
but somebody cut the stock radio harness out cant that be the problem because the brake butten goes in ant out wat could the peoble be???
Was told the engine and transmission are good and car runs great, just a hole in the cover. When we set up a time to pick it up, we were asked if we were bringing a trailer to haul it. Not sure if this is a smart pu...
Plain and simple. It vibrates when idling and when letting off the gas at any speed above 10mph. Doesn't vibrate at all when accelerating except for the steering wheel shakes a bit, which gets worse the more you incre...
i met an accident. now the front wheel moves backwards and touches the mudguard..what should id to fix it?
and it would not start .It wanted to but didn't and when it did it5 was missing alot . I checked fuel amd it is going to the injectors I have spark in eack plug so i do not know what else i can do I need it for work ....
have changed the air and fuel filter, plugs, wires and rotor cap
i know it's not the fuses, it might be a wire i accidently ripped off when i was taking off the rpm some idiot installed in it.
I have been all over the transmission.all i see is where all the bolts hold the transmission together.I dont see any kind of label,that says drain or fill.I really could use a picture of the location.I was told it was...
There is no heat coming through at all. Only heat that comes through is from the engine blowing through vents.