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Car will run, transmission engages and tires spin for a little while, then they stop without the brakes being pressed. Any ideas on whats causing this?
Hi! My car is a 1989 Nissan Sentra 4 dr sdn. It has power, starts, etc., but when I go to shift it into gear, it shifts but it isn't going into gear. Is this the linkage, and if yes, is it easy to fix? Please let me ...
Just started, idle always had to be a bit high. can rev it up while at a standstill. but as soon as its under load theres no power. Looking at other qs Im thinking egr vaive, How can i check?
could this be a bad EGR valve? I just completed a 300 mile trip, and it started running rough the last 20 miles, after climbing a long grade, 5,000 ft. from Phoenix to Flagstaff,AZ. It's a 1989 Nissan Sentra 1.6L.
it feels like if i was driving with frontwheel flat tire, but its not and i have 40psi for both wheels. i can feel it in my steering wheel either driving fast or slow. stabilizer is ok, what could be the problem? PLEA...
the only way to shut the vehicle off is to turn off the ign then unhook the battery same goes in starting ign works to start it just not to shut down
This doesn't happen when I turn. Only when I am driving straight. and it starts at about 30 miles per, then gets louder the faster I go.
My fiance would be driving up a hill to work, or go from a stop and when he gets to a steady pace, the car will sound like hes pressing and releasing the gas over and over, then it'll stop. He will start the car to go...
my car shut off when going over bump now it sounds lioke my relay switch is ticking when i turn key over and car wont start
when you execrate it bogs down or dies,if you feather it doesn't die but takes its sweet time to get going,after it going it seems fine? help.74,0000 miles onit
I had the alternator and battery checked they are both fine...my car only one click when i try to start it but with a jump it starts right up....could it be the starter?
1998 Nissan Sentra right rear brakelight only works when headlights are off.
car runs hot and loses water from radiator, but I can't find any leak.
squirting fuel out of throttle body want run. all the time