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I bought my 2008 Nissan Rogue in 2012. I replaced the front lower control arm on both sides in May 2013 and I was just told that they need replacing again.
Instead you must replace the control arm. Is this true? What should it cost?
Is it possible that squirrel cage fan came off the motor, and if so, how hard is it to fix?
shuddering during idle at intersections shakes the whole car violently transmission replaced 3 times under 120,000 miles any recalls?
Car was running fine and just got back in... started to drive a loud whooshing/thudding sound is coming from the back of the car. Almost sounds like if water was rolling around in a big tank. Any suggestions?
i read that 2011 nissan rogue has does issues, and the nissan dealer repair it. i was wondering if thats only for the year 2011?
If you push gas peddle it sounds like rattle noise is under gas tank. it's only when I push it to go faster. when foot is lifted off gas peddle it makes a ticking noise. Also anyway to get a dented passanger side door...
new fuel pump installed and working, scanner indicates mil is on with 2 codes but will not let me access the codes
65,605 miles on car, recommended: 1. Perform induction system and throttle chamber cleaning 2. Perform digital thrust alignment 3. perform break fluid service - All say "as preventative measure" and are marked as "cod...
The tire shop messed up my car by only changing two tires. The mechanic told me that they messed up the drive train. approximately how much is it to get it fix? Or should I just donate the piece of junk and get a ne...
I need a lower ball joint replacement, do you advise doing both at same time. What is average cost?
the car wont start when shes hot but runs perfect when cold still got the po335 code
i replaced all 4 brake pads but my car still makes a screeching noise while driving.
when im driving with or without cruse control on i lose power (RPMs). i can press down on the gas and nothing happens. i have tryed fuel injector cleaners and fuel system cleaners and they dont help. so i havent a clu...