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roaring sound like a muffler or exhaust problem

It it blowing cold air

My serpentine belt broke had it replaced heat gauge for the engine now set just a little over half way to hot after five minutes running . I'm afraid to drive it to a shop in case it gets hot could you please tell me where it should be

Need to know if its possible it would b a fuse that operates the ac switch? If not what might it b? This happrned all of a sudden when one of my interior lights stopped working. I thot it might b a guse for the switch? Please help.

Checked blower motor but its fine replaced blower motor resistor but still nothing

I am hearing knocking/clicking sound (sometimes called a "tappet knock") and it has been recommended that I change the valve lifters. How many do I need to purchase?

why is my outside temp indicator flashing

The wheels grind when you turn.

I checked everything else but nothing is bad what else could keep it from not working.

15 miles down the road the differential for that tire blue out. Oil every where. The tire light was flashing during this time. I was told the difference in tire size caused the problem. Expensive repair. Could this tire difference cause the blowout? If so, why would Nissan put 18 in tires on the car and a 16" temp?

how much dose it cost and where is the sensor at so i can replace it.

Brought car to Nissan to have them sync a new fob in case I lost my old one. Everything worked before I went to Nissan. Now they tell me that not only can't they link any fobs to my car ,that my fob no longer works !they feel they need to pull the remote box from the car . It might need replacementWhich of course is pricey and there are no guarantees. I'm upset to say the least .

I am a rideshare driver (Lyft/Uber) and my car sees HEAVY passenger use. the 2nd row (back seat) carpet is completely worn out, and must be replaced...the carpet is disintegrating. I need HELP sourcing carpet! The dealer is of no use...

Also as you go downhill it's as if the RPM go high.

Cannot see out front windshield

What is easiest to both get the ice off quickly and also get rid of the fog on the inside of the windshield?

I only go short distances on suburban roads.

It happens when I am going at a high rate of speed and have to brake quickly. It does not happen when braking at slow speeds.

What kinds of signs or indications will be present to alert me that an oil change is due soon?

I noticed that after turning the engine off from driving while using the air conditioner, water will leak from the exhaust pipe.

A strange thumping sound can be heard coming from the tire. I have checked the air pressure in the tire and it is fine.

Symptoms occur every couple miles. When problem does not occur the vehicle drives smooth and straight with no apparent problem and then randomly pulls to one direction or the other. Had the Struts changed and wheel alignment. No help. Suspect Steering Angle Sensor. Request estimate for replacement of Steering Angle Sensor.

It happens when I pull out from my parking space or backing into a parking space at very low speeds. It's so loud and it can be felt that it scares me enough to get out of the car twice in a look inside of a parking stall to see if I've hit something big and hard! Firestone can't find anything. Any help would be great!

All lights come on when I open ddoor and put key in ignition but when I go to start it all it does is click. Don't know if it's an alternator or starter

When I turn the key on

Mileage 109000

Also when it does provide heat, sometimes when I adjust the temp to 60 degrees and then back up to 90 degrees, there is no hot air. The passenger side works fine ... and always heats and the temp can be adjusted. This happens in all sorts of outside temp ranges. When ever I took it in to get it fixed, they could not recreate the faulty heating so the repair tech guy said he manually set the programming to "fix" it. That lasted for about 6 months and is now not heating properly.