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My car battery died on a parking lot and I call AAA for battery and they brought it and install it but my car just cranks and won't start.
I checked for any trouble codes with a scanner and none found .

I was advised at the dealer that i needed to replace transmission.

The hood latch seems to just pop on its own at times, driving or not, just wondering if this could be a short?

The windshield has blotches and they seem to be on the inside. Even scrubbed clean they appear.

When I reach a speed of 45 MPH things seem to shake and it increases as my speed increases.

I being taking the nissan1400 to a mechanic but it is still leaking please help dont know what to do be cause every one im taking the vehicle to is giving me different problem and its just costing me money. thanks

Regards frikkie

The engine is not running due to the check engine light is not not work since the beginning , also when i want to start the engine all lights are on in same moment as well as the front light are on and the engine couldn't start , in same time of the engine is not strat and the light of check engine is not work when i replace the transmission into R or D the light of check engine is appear ON but I can't start engine due to the transmission is not "P"
Is the problem in the control of transmission or on where? be informed that the fluid of transmission is not replaced and the mileage is 87000 Mile

car runs very well, functions perfect but sometimes we not start until after several attempts.

he said i need to replace a module..he said it also controls the horn which is not working.thanks.

purge valve

just turned 300k miles on my 2007 pathfinder. so far so good. getting 21+ mpg hwy. High pitched whine began recently, thought it was the cold weather but not going away.Should I be looking at any belts such as power steering?

The spark plug is broken off when taken it out.

i have 2007 nissan pathfinder le and just want to know how to improve the gas milage.

Transmission has been disassembled and problem is with mixing of radiator coolant with transmission fluid causing noises in transmission. shop recommends replacing all internal parts.....any other options?