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Happen b4. Switch some type of o ring
Truck just turn off running ICM was burn got new cods 1611,1612,1614.
Never opens automatically. It will start and stop. Then I have to lift handle and hold until it starts to open on it's own. Also my 3rd row seat will not go down. Looks like the cable broke inside the handle rele...
Truck Revs but barely moves? Found the Transmission Fluid was low. Filled and put in a Lucas Engine Treatment. Still runs rough and barely moves. 2004 Nissan Pathfinder with the big engine. Says VQ35 on Engine.
blower motor fine all fuses check ok rear blower fine front blower motor not working
I check fuses checked blower motor I am not sure air is working either rear blower motor working
Air and blower motor not working I need location and fuse numbers can any one help me?