I have a 6 disk CD plater, I tried to put a DVD in there started making a lot of noise i took it out, is that how you play DVDs on the screen built into the car?


The battery is fully charged. I drove it every where last Friday with no starting issues at all and woke up the next morning and it hasn't started since.

I pressed all the peddle put only runs till 10mph

Problem just started last week car wouldn't start after trying a couple times left alone called tow truck next day they jumped it n said it was battery I took it to mechanic they said it wasn't the battery n not sure what it was computer had no codes when I picked it up I heard a boom sound under the car the vdc off n slip lights r on its starting but u got to hold the key over a while before it will start

Replaced alternator on the vehicle in question and need to know if a "Control Panel reboot" is a standard procedure without additional charge. After the alternator was installed, the dome lights, clock and automatic door locks no longer work. I guess the basic question is whether or not the reboot should be a part of the replacement or is it a separate charge?

i have 04 nissan pathfinder 3500 cc i was driving down highway and it went into limp-mpde only 2000 rpms ineed to get home igot 2000 miles to gono money need help stuck

Happen b4. Switch some type of o ring

Truck just turn off running ICM was burn got new cods 1611,1612,1614.

tire rotation noise

what i need to do ?