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It lock/unlock ok but I can't open the door from in/outside the truck
Now service engine light on keeps cutting out after getting warm
Radio and all its buttons are dead, but the amplifier, cassette deck and volume control ON THE STEERING COLUMN (only) are alive. I used them to drive my smartphone music. But I had to pull the fuse because it drains ....
how do i change selonoid for gear shifter
thinking of purchasing a 2003 Pathfinder. The buyer says it won't go in reverse. How costly would this be to fix if they are asking $2500?
while driving a roundabout to left and trying to turn right steering gets stuck.later by using some force it is released.but from right to left no problem.i feel it dangerous situation.
When I turn on the car it sounds as though the valves are rattling. As I accelerate the rattling increases. It seems to drive fine but I am worried that there is a costly disaster waiting to happen because of the rattle.
Muffler is rusted and falling off. How much should it be just for labor? Do mechanics have a problem with you bringing your own parts?
Am looking a service shop to repair my pathfinder in Warri Delta state Nigeria.
This has been topped but the noise persist. What should I do?
So after Nissan replaced the strut tower, the upper steering column, and the master cylinder, My ABS light is still on and my car is hesitating when i step on the gas pedal. PLEASE enlighten me and my check engine lig...
Nissan repaired the strut tower because it was in a recall but said the strut tower breaking away from the frame has nothing to do with the abs light coming on. PLEASE HELP!!(1996-2004 Pathfinder recall for strut towe...