is it in the remote ?

Need to get car tune-up for 2003 Nissan Cube. Car model is not in the model list on this site.

When put water in or coolant in it it runs for a while but it still runs hot

50,000 miles currently.

radiator fan doesn't come on at all!

I've owned my pathfinder for over a year and a half and never have had any problems with it until the last couple months. Seems like since I moved to this one place. I just find it strange all of a sudden it leaks. Twice now since July

2003 nissan pathfinder 3.5 liter v6. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and god bless

codes came up 0506 IACV cleaned throttle body runs better but takes a long time to start- turns over many time then starts up and runs fine! how do i get it to start normal again? whats the problem?

and truck wont power up ever so often and have to go take off battery terminals and re connect and truck starts right up?

It lock/unlock ok but I can't open the door from in/outside the truck

Did tune up #2 misfire coil

Now service engine light on keeps cutting out after getting warm