Added gas and still did not want to start.

I've changed struts, shocks,and lower control arm, and ball joints and iit's still wobbling

Already replaced shocks in back, struts in the front and ball joints.

happens at 70 mph have already replaced shocks and struts

From a dead stop the truck moves forward but the tac will shoot up like its disengaging somehow? Any ideas?

When I start my car It is making squeaky noise for a minute and it stops. It comes back after a while.

But I hit it and it died and won't start any suggestions

What is causing waterto leak in back hatch compartment

I installed a new belt after the last one snapped. The belt started smoking and that one snapped as well. When i installed the new belt I noticed that the Pulley was shaking. I thighten it and the belt snapped again.

I have 74000 miles on the car. It has not been in an accident recently. Airbags never deployed. In September 2014 there was a recall of an airbag inflator (passenger airbag) inflator was replaced. I never had a sensor problem before.