I have major recalls and it has been deemed unsafe. Only offered $1800.00

Is. It possible that a linkage clip has come off.

Does it have a flapper motor?

Also replace or vest tube both side are high will not cool.

I check to see if child proof switch was in open position and removed rear armrest and handle bezel to see if I could open door with no success and I cant remove door panel because I cant open door

want to the engine firing order

I been having trouble with my car. When im driving i Can Floor The Gas Pedal And The Car Will Not Accelerate And Sometimes Slows. Im driving 70 mph n its on 4 gear. It automatic. I dont know much about car or the car parts name. Hope you understand.

Hard to start when it does it dies even if u give it gas

I replace hose coming from thermostat because it blew out now and I will put water back in the radiator is still I can hear it pouring out the bottom what do you think is wrong with it did I break my car

When i hit the motor it starts ticking faster. And when i put it in reverse it doesnt go backwards

Checked fuel lines for leaks can accelerate slowly try to accelerate fast and car will stall hard restart idles fine

i replaced all my fuses inside my truck and under the hood and still they wont go down .So what do yall think it may be please

This plunger switch is located under the hood on the drivers side radiator support. It is vertical with the plunger on top and operates in and out as you open and close the hood. It's almost like a switch to operate an under hood light for the engine bay, but there is none. It is wired into the main harness not far from the switch, so it's difficult to see where it goes. Does anyone out there know what it is and what it operates? Thanks