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Also when i turn I hear my axel or ball joints pop do anybody no what that could be.
It didn't overheat completely. I just had major work done new radiator cad converter all belts hoses replaced etc. Any ideas??? I'm out if town and can't take it to my regular mechanic.
I my self changed the timming belt and waterpump ect, and now it dosent start
Please help - I just replaced my distributor cap, ignition rotor, spark plugs and wires, and fuel filter over the last 48 hours. Yesterday, it stalled while waiting at a red light and was towed to my house. I had ju...
I know the gaskets are less that 30 dollars. However, the repair man wants 320 to fix it.
Already replaced, egr, timing belt, spark plugs, mass air flow sensor, alternator and battery. I can hear what sounds like pocket change when accelerating.
have full power at dash even headlights work but just a click at the starter plzzz help me this online experiance has killed me with all the runaround to get an answer
I am Purchasing 1998 Pathfinder with 212,000 miles, i am worried about condition of timing belt....is there a way i can tell if it needs to be replaced without taking it to a mechanic?
I have replaced the MAPP and the throttle position sensors
another battery was wrongly connected opposite and immediately returned back correctly but then it only cranked but refused to start, a rewire did some few touches here and there and it starts, later in d day it crank...
restarts fine runs for awhile and stalls I have cleaned the map sensor,and throttle and changed the fuel filter HELP