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I have replaced the starter. Still won't start every time it just clicks. So I replaced the stater relay. And it won't start every time. Some times it starts some times it just clicks.
Stopped shifting when ea-t switch is off.
starter replaced with remanufactored starter and makes high pitch sound everytime I crank my vehicle.
While I was driving I herd a sound that's was something like running over a semi flatted aluminum can, that got kicked up and hit the bottom of the truck. I did feel something. before the sound my breaks got tight, ...
After changing those thing I have a hesitation before it starts
there is not enough clearance the boot is hitting where the shock bolts to. what can i do?
My engine keeps shutting off while driving slow making turs and it slightly putts when driving slow i think it might be the gas pump but not sure because it doesnt do it all the time just when im taking off or driving...
Where's the best place to get good repairs and affordable prices? I have a hard time believing it costs over $1000 to change out a waterpump and replace a timing belt... please help
Lose horse power
How do you change it? The reverse light
Hi Staff, My factory fog lights on my 1994 path finder have gone out I need to locate the fuse any one with a fuse diagram? swingdancerman@yahoo.com Regards, Richard
How do you tighten the engine belts on a 1994 pathfinder??